We always listen to the Struena community. Our roadmap reflecting on the community. Below you can see our current roadmap.

Struena CLI (go-struena)

Command line interface for Struena

Struena CLI is a command line interface that allows you to interact with the Struena network. From the command line interface, you can create wallets, make transactions, mine blocks and run a full node on the network.

Struena CLI will be availble to Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Struena CLI for Linux 


Struena CLI for Windows


Struena CLI for Mac


Struena GUI wallet

Grapichal user interface wallet

Struena GUI wallet allows you to interact with the Struena network in a safe and user-friendly way. From the Struena GUI, you can create wallets, make transactions, interact or deploy contracts.

Struena CLI will be availble to Linux, Windows and Mac OS. 
There will also be a web version available.

Struena GUI Wallet for Linux


Struena GUI Wallet for Windows


Struena GUI Wallet for Mac


Web Wallet (MyStruenaWallet)


Mobile wallets for IOS & Android


Minining pool & netstats dashboard

Mine and see network statistics

Struena will release a mining pool software for Struena and build a network statistics dashboard.

Mining Pool




Struena masternode CLI and GUI

Secure the network and earn a block share

Masternode command line interface for Linux, will give everyone the opportunity an Masternode. We will also build a GUI interface that will show all the masternodes statistics and rewards.

Struena masternode CLI for Linux


GUI master dashboard and stats


Decentralized marketplace and exchange

User-friendly & decentralized

Struena will develop a decentralized marketplace and exchange, where buy and sell will be easily and securely made.





Other things on Struena roadmap



Exchange listings


What we have achieved so far on the roadmap.

22 march 2018

Struena is officially launched

Struena network is launched and the Struena CLI (go-struena) has been released.

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